Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Campaigns: We have a proven process to get more qualified leads to your door. We will work with you to understand your target audience, and our team will build and execute a campaign to get qualified leads.

Social Media Management: Do you have a social media presence but don’t have the time to manage it? Or maybe you don’t have a social media presence but know that you need one. We can manage your platforms as well as develop your social media posts and deliver reporting.

Email Marketing: We can help you to develop automated campaigns to nurture leads through your funnel. We can develop the strategy for you to execute or we can handle it all for you.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Management: Our team will do an audit of your website to identify areas of opportunity. We will also conduct keyword research and show how you rank against your competitors. Our main goal is to get customers to find you faster.

Meet The Owner

Brandon has over 12 years of success in sales, marketing and business development. Most of that experience was helping large companies and corporations maximize their revenue growth. His decision to start his own business came from his drive to help businesses that truly need it, and more importantly appreciate it. This led him to discovering the needs and problems that Linchpin Sales Interactive now solves. He and his team are solely committed to one thing – doing whatever it takes to help their clients reach their goals and succeed at their business. His number one saying is “you should do business with us because we actually give a sh*t about your success and aim to prove it”.

-Brandon Cockrell/President of Linchpin Sales

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